Double Dryer

Double Dryer [r84]

Limit One
Has a 1/100 chance of breaking.
Estimated Cost: 1.5K - 2.5K NP
Restocks at: Defence Magic
Avg. rating: 6 / 10
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This item is no ordinary hair dryer... it will give a little of your opponents attack back to them. You can only equip one of these.
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Reviews (avg rating: 6)

Normally Dry [at Sep 25th, 2008; 5:11 PM]
6 / 10

This is the cheapest decent air blocker/reflector you could ever get. Considering that air is very common because of weapons like Pirate Captains Cutlass and Ghostkersword, this will be very handy.

You may like to watch out though because it is fragile and may break anytime.

Downgrades: Basic Dryer reflects 25% air.

Upgrades: Triple Turbo Dryer reflect 75% air but is very expensive.