Armoured Negg

Armoured Negg [r101]
Single Use
When eaten adds 1 defense point to your pet.
Estimated Cost: 70k NP
Restocks at: The Neggery
Avg. rating: 10 / 10
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A magical negg that can only be found at the Neopian Neggery. This is a negg for Neopets that like the idea of being well protected.
Can increase pet's stat(s)
Credits: Shadaw
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Reviews (avg rating: 10)

No other Negg like it [at Jan 17th, 2011; 4:53 AM]
10 / 10

Price (2/2): At only 16 Negg points, this is a bargain in the world of stat increasing Neggs. These are available on the shop wiz for around 25K, or collect 16 total Negg tokens and visit the Negg Faerie in the Ice Caves for slightly less total expense.

Power (4/4): It works as advertised. You get one (1) defense point every time you feed one of these to your pet. No random stats as with some of the other Neggs. You also get a spiffy throwaway defensive item (Either Omelette Shield, Shoulder Armour, or Nurias Battle Shield)

Tactical (4/4): In training, time is very valuable. If you are up to 4 codestone training, this is worth considering to save some time, with it being slightly more expensive on average than 4 random codestones. By the time you reach 5 or more codestone training, these start becoming quite the bargain.

If you failed to train defense to save some neopoints in the past and wish to build your defense levels back up, these are a great way to do just that. No matter what level your pet is at now.

Just remember these are hunger limited as are all Neggs, and normally you can just feed one of these to your pet every day or so. If you let the hunger status get to dying, you should be able to feed them one every few hours. The real beauty here is that you can train other stats in parallel with defense training using Armoured Neggs, which gets you to your training goals a good bit faster.