Sword of Lameness

Sword of Lameness [r200]
Multiple Use
+ (25%)
Nothing (12.5%)

Full Heal (12.5%)

Chance of doing one of the above.

Estimated Cost: 16M NP
Restocks at: Hidden Tower
Avg. rating: 6 / 10
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Lame your opponents with this mighty sword!
Freezer weapon
Hidden Tower weapon
Healing potion
Credits: Nick (delinquentkitty), dark_shadow202020
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Reviews (avg rating: 6)

Cool [at Oct 4th, 2011; 9:45 PM]
6 / 10

Power to Price (4/6): A bit on the expensive side, but this is the only multifreezer and multihealer in Neopia!

Tactical (1/3): You could get really lucky, or you could get something very useless. Literally Honey Potion and Rainbow Scroll + 3 fire are the first two attacks.

Other Observations (1/1): It's nice to see some randomness once in a while.

Downgrades: Glittery Faerie Dust, Magical Wheel Potion for randomness.

Alternatives: Ice Dice, Slumberberry Potion for multifreeze.

Upgrades: Cove items such as Attack Pea and Sword of White Lies.

Defenses/Countermeasures: Faerie Tabard and Ghostkershield block a good amount of the attack.