Helm-Mounted Laser Beam

Helm-Mounted Laser Beam [r90]
Multiple Use
Estimated Cost: 1 - 100 NP
Restocks at: Space Weaponry
Avg. rating: 4 / 10
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Look stylish while zapping things into oblivion!
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Reviews (avg rating: 4)

Not bad for a beginner [at Jan 27th, 2013; 1:49 PM]
4 / 10

For the low, low price of 1 NP (at time of writing), this weapon gives a surprising number of attack icons for such a low cost, and it definitely outshines many other weapons available for 1 NP. For a beginner, this could be a great starter weapon.

On the other hand, better weapons like Ridiculously Heavy Battle Hammer or the ubiquitous Scarab Ring are certainly affordable, since most people can easily earn a few thousand NP a day. Also, these icons are easily blocked by common shields at the beginner level.

This may be good for a beginner, but I wouldn't suggest relying on it for long. If you're going to use it, use it while you're saving for an upgrade, and move on quickly.

Downgrades: None worth mentioning, since you'd probably spend the same or more NP on them

Alternatives: Pumpkin Launcher does 8 icons with a physical instead of air.

Upgrades: Gilded War Hammer trades earth for physical, gives 1 more attack icon, and gives 3 icons of defense. Quill Sword is almost a direct upgrade, with some physical icons, too.

Countermeasures: Parchment Cloak blocks all but fractions of icons, with the intel boost. Shiny Shoal Shell Shield leaves only the light icons. Patched Magic Hat leaves only the air icons. Mystical White Cloak leaves only te earth icons. Royal Blue Cape blocks it completely.