Kelpbeards Trident

Kelpbeards Trident [r200]
Multiple Use

Actual iconage is 5 physical, 11.25-19 water icons (16.25-24 total icons).
Average iconage is 18.02634 icons.
Estimated Cost: 8.5M-8.7M NP
Restocks at: Hidden Tower
Avg. rating: 8.5 / 10
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Just the thought of this trident will have your opponents waterlogged!
Hidden Tower weapon
Credits: BJ ^_^, alexandriasgrama
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Reviews (avg rating: 8.5)

The Newest Anti-GShield [at Aug 8th, 2009; 4:54 AM]
9 / 10

Finally TNT released a massive water weapon.

Attack: Now considered the best anti-Ghostkershield you will soon see a lot of people having this on their set. It will cause confusion to your opponent's shield selection when paired with Sword of Skardsen or Pirate Captains Cutlass. The price is very affordable too.

Defense: Faerie Tabard will destroy this.

Downgrade: For water attacks, Ultra Bubble Gun and 9-pound coconut does lower amount of water icons. For anti-Gshield, Portable Kiln does 11 fire icons.
Kelpbeard fields this?! He's good then. [at Aug 8th, 2009; 4:21 AM]
8 / 10

Power (3/4):Apparently does 16.3 to 24 icons, but hit's 20+ icons only rarely.

Price (2/2):Cheapest "high-tier" weapon.

Tactical (2/3):In 1-P only (well, nearly) raw power counts, so this is on par with Sword of Skarsen and Pirate Captains Cutlass. In 2-P, can be used as third constant, along with Sword of Skardsen, since the water icons will go through the Ghostkershield while the darkness of the SoS will go through Faerie Tabard. Also useful in getting around the Pirate Captains Hat.
Also, currently the Bent Fork does not work on this weapon.

Another Angle (1/1):It looks cool, and no Bent Forks. (yet)

Alternatives:The other high-tier weapons include Pirate Captains Cutlass, Sword of Skardsen and Glittery Faerie Dust.

Defences/Countermeasures:Faerie Tabard and U-Bend of Great Justice will block the water, and also the Enchanted Kiko Squeeze Toy. Other weapons include Hobans Hat and Leaf Shield.

Upgrades:Not much, expect maybe the beforementioned, PCC, and then are the Attack Pea family.