Blade of Supernova

Blade of Supernova [r99]

+ 15-300HP (overheal)

1/30 chance heal and breaking for the battle.
Amount healed is the sum of 15 rolls of a 20-sided die.

Note: Overhealers are not working in the new Battledome. Check the Beta News page to monitor the status of overhealers.
Estimated Cost: 500K-600K NP
Restocks at: Nowhere
Avg. rating: 6 / 10
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A truly dazzling blade that will impress your friends and terrify your opponents.
Healing potion
Credits: schaper
Used by: Maraquan Blade Specialist, Bennie the Jub
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Reviews (avg rating: 6)

Blade of Money [at Jan 15th, 2009; 12:23 PM]
6 / 10

Well the attack is just average, the defense is pretty neat; that's the strong point of this weapon, the problem is the price way too expensive.

Personally, I wouldn't buy it.