Engraved Chakram

Engraved Chakram [r94]
Multiple Use
Estimated Cost: 80K - 100K NP
Restocks at: Wonderous Weaponry
Avg. rating: 3 / 10
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This Chakram was made for warriors of great might and is decorated to show the warriors importance.
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The automated system detects that this weapon is far below Battledome worthy standards.
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Reviews (avg rating: 3)

Anti-Prismatic Mirror [at Jun 4th, 2008; 8:35 AM]
3 / 10

Being a full physical does have it's advantage. it's a great for challengers with Prismatic Mirror and paired with Fire Whip, it will work wonders against the Giant Ghostkerchief. But having only 6 icons, it's way below the BD standards...

Alternatives: Scarab Ring is considered the most practical 6 iconer around.

Upgrades: Yoyo of Death is another full physical