Wand of the Dark Faerie

Wand of the Dark Faerie [r130]
Multiple Use

25% of your maximum HP when your HP is 25% or less.
Eg: On a pet with 100 hp, this will heal 25hp when it's at 25 or less hp.


This is a game prize for completing Jhudora's Quest Level 50.
Actual physical iconage is 0.9-9.0 icons.

Estimated Cost: 330-350M NP
Restocks at: Nowhere
Avg. rating: 9.33 / 10
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This is the magical wand of the Dark Faerie. Only creatures of evil may command the wand.
Healing potion
Dual duty (attack + defense)
Reflects icons
Credits: dragonlight_888
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Reviews (avg rating: 9.33)

The best weapon in the game [at Oct 30th, 2011; 7:01 PM]
10 / 10

It's for me clearly the BEST weapon in the game.

It's a must for high 1-player battling & in high leagues this weapon would make a HUGE difference against an opponent without it.

Its price is around 350m atm, it's pretty high as no all of us can afford one, but it's fully worth its price, so it's not highly-priced.

Also it's rarer than the Illusens Staff because J-quests are harder to achieve than I-quests.

Downgrade: Illusens Staff, it's attacking icons are different and in quantity, less, it's healing is 20% instead of WoDF's 25% & it full blocks dark instead of reflecting 75% light.

Alternative: A cheaper alternative of this kind of weapon is the Illusens Staff.

Upgrade: There are no upgrades to this kind of weapon, only Illusens Staff & the Wand of the Dark Faerie work like this.


- Full Blocker: Hanso Charisma Charm is the cheapest dual-duty full dark blocker, if not, Ring of the Lost is more expensive but deals different icons than HCC.

- Reflector: Ultra Dark Reflectorb reflects 50% and is breakable. Ultimate Dark Reflectorb reflects 75% dark and is the best dark reflector in the game, it's also multiple-use. But if you only want to reflect it once, then get a Amulet Of Reflection that reflects 75% dark icons but it's only one use :(

- Shield: Ghostkershield full blocks dark & blocks some physical icons so with this shield you got a firm defence against this wand.

This weapon is just amazing, reflects light (Used to be one of the hardest icons to block), attacks with up to 30 icons, heals A LOT of hit points (The more hitpoints you have, the more useful will this weapon be) & you know what? IT'S MULTIPLE-USE you can use it every turn if you want to until fight is over. Clearly, every BDer should have one.
Ultimately ultimate! [at Apr 7th, 2008; 2:31 AM]
9 / 10

This is an ultimate weapon!

Power (4/4) Look at those icons! Thats a whole bunch! Almost 32 altogether. Another thing that makes this an ultimate weapon is that it can heal you 25% of your max hp when you're almost losing. Plus it can reflect light icons by 75%! Thats really good! Its every battlers dream to have this...

Price (0/2) But when you look at the price... your dreams of having this crashes. It's just way to expensive. Only a few people are lucky enough to have this in their hands.

Another thing that makes this thing go down is that its dark icons are quite easy to block.
Dark Dream [at Feb 9th, 2008; 9:01 PM]
9 / 10

Similar to Illusens Staff, this weapon is just fantastic but the similarity extends up to it's price tag. Also, since there are many defenses against dark icons (like the common Ghostkershield), its functionality decreases.