Thyoras Tear

Thyoras Tear [r99]
Once Per Battle
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Limit One
Estimated Cost: 55M NP
Restocks at: Defence Magic
Avg. rating: 10 / 10
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When Thyora was weeping for the loss of her loved one a passing faerie captured a tear and formed a powerful charm. For a brief period of time, nothing may harm the wearer. (Only one can be equipped and it can only be used once per battle)
Used by: Benny, Cannon Master, Captain Scarblade, Grand Commander, Petpetpet Horde, King Kelpbeard, Razul, Mayor Thumburt, Mayor Thumburt (final form), Mayor Thumburt (second form), Lisha, Zombified Heroes, War Machines, Kanrik, Ships Cook, Magic Caster Skeleton Warrior, Swordmaster Talek, The Bringer, Thief Brute, Down For Maintenance Pteri, The Black Pteri, Giant Hungry Malevolent Chomby, Plumbeard, Primary Grundo Bot RZ894, Cybunny Scout, Shadow Phantom Commander, Shadow Phantom Annihilator, Shadow Phantom Tormentor, Oblivion, Neggbreaker [event], Neggbreaker, Giant Space Fungus, Rasala the Bright, Kanrik, Master Thief , Envy, Death, Wrath, Greed, Pride
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Reviews (avg rating: 10)

Cry your heart out [at Sep 30th, 2009; 2:45 AM]
10 / 10

Powerful, teary, and expensive. What more could you want in a weapon?

Power (5/5) - You can't give it anything under the max score in this area, for obvious reasons. As it can block absolutely everything, it's the most powerful defence weapon ever. Gotta love that.

Price (0/2) - And, it gets the minimum score in this area. This is FAR too expensive. It's gone through the roof, and while I can't find the exact price of these right now, one would know that it's too dang expensive.

Tactical (2/3) - Okay, I will admit that I'm not a big fan of Once Per Battle weapons. Timing's the thing with weapons like these. Timing is one of the hardest things in the whole Battledome to get right. You need to know WHEN to use it. Using it in the wrong situation is going to bite you back later in the battle.

So, here's a handy dandy list of tips and strategies to using this at the right time.

Strategy 1 - Use this very early in the battle
This is by far the worst strategy. Using this early on basically sets you up for a bad battle later on. Like I said before, using this at the wrong time will come back and bite you. It sure will bite you if you use this strategy. Here's an example:

NOTE: This example does not count Faerie Abilities or other defence weapons, the situation probably wouldn't be so bad if you have a few Faerie Abilities or weapons.

Your Opponent uses a Thief Dagger!
You use the Thoyras Tear next turn, while your opponent uses a Ghostkerbomb!

Later on in the battle...
Your HP (5/500) - You suffered major blows later on in the battle, after you used the Tear.
Opponents HP (200/300) - Your opponent managed to stay alive, just taking advantage of you having no defence.
Your opponent uses a Scarab Ring!
You have lost the battle! :-(

So, if you use the strategy, only do it if you like losing, or you have other extremely good defence weapons up your sleeve.

Strategy 2 - Use this in the middle of the battle
Again, not the *best* strategy. Only use it if you have other good weapons to use later on in the battle. This time, I'm going to use an example with other decent defence weapons to use at the end (and of course, some weapons that are not included in this example that were used early on).

In the middle of the battle...
Your opponent uses a Thick Smoke Bomb!
You use the Tear next turn!
Your opponent tries to their Ghostkerbomb, but it is blocked by the tear!

Towards the end of the battle...
Your HP (100/500) - So far, you've managed to keep the battle going for longer, thanks to using the Tear!
Your Opponents HP (100/300) - You then used some of your decent weapons, and before long, you guys were both at the same HP level. Shaping up to be an exciting end to the battle!

Your opponent uses an Attack Pea!
You use your Honey Potion, paired with a Pirate Captains Hat next turn!
Your opponent tries to use a Seasonal Attack Pea, but it is blocked!

Your HP (75/500) - That Attack Pea got to you, but the damage could've been a lot worse if you hadn't blocked the Seasonal Attack Pea.
Your Opponents HP (85/300) - Unfortunately, your opponent has 10 HP more than you. Not a lot... but we'll see how that progresses.

Your HP (10/500) - Oh, man! Your opponent has used some weapons that got to you, although, you were good and blocked some of it.
Your Opponents HP (60/100) - Looks like your opponents got a bit more health than you. :( Not good!

Your opponent uses an Ice Club, paired with a Scarab Ring!
You have been defeated!

So, if you really want to use this in the middle, then there's nothing stopping you. But, it *will* bite you back really late in the battle, so be warned.

Strategy 3 - Use this at the end of the battle
The best strategy out of all of them. Quite good, as the only thing you've gotta do is refrain from using the Tear early on...

Late in the battle (well, at least it was going to be late...)...
Your opponent uses a Rainbow Clockwork Grundo!
You use your Ghostkershield next turn!
Your opponent tries to use their Pirate Captains Cutlass, but thankfully most of it is blocked!

Your HP (50/500) - The battle looks like it has done it's worse to you, but you can't be sure. You look around for a healer, but you don't have one in your set...
Your Opponents HP (100/300) - Your opponent has got a bit of an advantage on you now, as you've tried every trick in the book...

Your opponent uses a Jittery Jipple Potion!
You use the Tear next turn, paired with a Ring of the Lost!
Your opponent tries to use a Super Attack Pea, but it is blocked by the tear!

Whoo! While you may not have gotten that much of an advantage over your opponent, you've virtually saved yourself from the very worst of the battle.

Your HP (45/500) - You probably would've been dead if it wasn't for blocking the SuAP. Yay you!
Opponents HP (90/300) - Alright, so you've only decreased ten HP from your opponent, but hey, you've survived their worst weapon.

Later on...
Your HP (35/500) - You're a fighter! You've blocked most of the attack your opponent's thrown at you with another weapon, and now you're looking pretty good!
Opponents HP (10/100) - Your opponent isn't looking so good though. Thanks to you using your attack weapons after you used the Tear, you've now managed to almost kill your opponent.

On the next turn...
Your opponent uses a Sword of Skardsen, but you used your Ghostkershield and managed to surrive!
You use an Ice Club and a Scarab Ring paired together!
You've defeated the opponent!

So, this strategy is the best. It's the one I use the most, although, if you want to use Strategy 2 and give it a try, then you could win...

Sorry for making you read through all that, but I was trying to show you when to use this. Hope it helped! Of course, because the first two strategies lost the battle in the examples, I can only give the Tear a two in this area.

Overall Score (10/10) - This is quite a nice weapon. Expensive, but nice. Just use it at the right time, and you'll be hopefully going good if you manage to get your hands on one of these. ;)

Downgrades/Alternatives - Downsize! gives half the power of this, but is extremely cheap compared to this. In the first BD days, Downsize Power Plus was good, but since the introduction of the Thick Smoke Bomb, officially is now nothing. Speaking of the Thick Smoke Bomb, get it if you need this kind of power, but need something much cheaper and single use.