Crisp Blue Tunic

Crisp Blue Tunic [r99]
+[ Heals you 100 HP (takes from opponent)]

Limit one. It is a healing item. It'll break for the battle after heal.

This weapon will always block 4 icons. If your pet has 750 or more intelligence however, it will also drain 100 hp from your opponent and heal you the same amount. This cannot be used to finish off your opponent. They must have at least 101 hp, and this will not over heal you, you must be missing at least 100hp. The order of using this weapon ALSO makes a difference. If you damage your opponent below 101 hp before using this tunic (in the same move), Crisp Blue Tunic will have no effect.
Estimated Cost: 6.5M-7M NP
Restocks at: Brightvale Armoury
Avg. rating: 9 / 10
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If your Neopets is intelligent this cloak can actually steal health from your opponent.
Healing potion
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Reviews (avg rating: 9)

I wear one of these like a VAMP (no, not bamf :p) [at Jun 17th, 2012; 4:30 AM]
9 / 10

Ohh one of my favorite healers ;). May my rivals take notes :p

Other than the 750 intel requirement, all you need is really need is a brain, and good timing to use this weapon. Truly deadly in the intermediate leagues (8-12). This basically gives you a 200hp lead if you manage to pull it off. The tricky part is, getting below 100hp without already losing/being frozen, and making sure your opponent has over 100hp to drain. Once you get that down, that is pretty much your set up.

A lot of people like to combo this with a bomb, the 100hp steal can be surprising if your opponent didn't suspect you had one, with your bomb as icing? You can dish out 200hp of damage in a turn while having a nice "safety net" of 100hp+whatever you had before.

This is by far the most demoralizing weapon in the game. Once you get hit by this, you kind of just want to give up... unless you are me, where you use it after your opponent for a double surprise :p

That's right! If you are still living after this has been used on you, use it right back! It will level the playing field.

Keep in mind that when your opponent sees that your pet has 750+ intelligence before the battle, they most likely know that they need to try and get below 100hp, without compromising the battle too much.

When your pet starts reaching somewhere around 400hp, switch over to a Bag of Healing Dust or your according species healer.

PS, I've won a battle because of it's earth and water defense, so it's a small bonus that just may make your day ;) you know who you are.
Invincibility up to mid-level battling! [at Jul 4th, 2008; 4:43 PM]
9 / 10

Ugg. This is really depressing to fight against when you don't have much HP. A 200 HP swing is very hard to overcome, unless your healer heals about that much to balance it out. Luckily, it's high rarity, price, and intelligence requirements mean that it's seen slightly less.

Of course, if you're the one using it, enjoy! A Scroll Potion can help in gathering the necessary intelligence. Very strong pets, such as those with more than 400 HP, will be better off with a stronger healer such as Bag of Healing Dust.

Alternatives: Stronger pets should get a Bag of Healing Dust or a 50% species healer if your species has one.

Downgrades: Cursed Elixir drains 20 HP. Short Sleeved Yellow Tunic heals 75 HP without drain. They really need to add more affordable healers...