Cooling Ointment

Cooling Ointment [r98]
Single Use
Full heal + cures any disease

Can only be used outside of the Battledome.
Estimated Cost: 5K-10K NP
Restocks at: Royal Potionery
Avg. rating: 9 / 10
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This ointment is rumoured to cure all ailments and restore you to full health.
Healing potion
Credits: shadaw
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Reviews (avg rating: 9)

The Ultimate Cure! [at May 16th, 2013; 12:09 AM]
9 / 10

Good job TNT; we finally can have a 100% cure potion for all range of diseases.

Power to Prices: (6/6) Cures all disease and it is now just 5K NP so it is the super cure. Best for healing pets suffering from some diseases that need expensive medicines to cure.

Tactical: (2/3) When you wanna play the Battledome, use this before you go inside the battle. It ensures your pet is in perfect condition. 1 point deducted for being unable to take this inside the Battledome.

Others: (1/1) Useful when hitting many enemies using sick-causing weapons, like Valin. This gains 1 extra point.

Upgrades: This is the final upgrade of all medicines.

Downgrades: Warm Amber Ointment does a similar thing but it does not give full heal.