Dark Nova

Dark Nova [r90]
Single Use


Limit One
Actual iconage is 5 dark and 3.4 fire.
On average, you will heal 13.5 HP.

Estimated Cost: 200-500 NP
Restocks at: Nowhere
Avg. rating: 6 / 10
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Are you afraid of the Dark? You will be... One Use.
Healing potion
Used by: Lord Darigan
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Reviews (avg rating: 6)

Not bad for low league battles [at Dec 11th, 2012; 10:06 AM]
6 / 10

Power (1/3) - 8.4 icons of damage and an average 13.5 HP heal in low leagues is pretty decent. But this does take up a healing slot, which I believe should be used primarily for healing, not for dual-duty items such as this.

Price (3/3) - Despite it being one use, its price is almost negligible. Very easy to buy.

Tactical (1/3) - Dark and Fire icons are not that easy to block until mid leagues. This weapon loses points, however, for being unreliable in healing power. There are a lot of better and more constant healers out there.

Other (1) - A black star with two eyes. Good job TNT :)

Upgrades: Ultranova for similar effect. Lesser Healing Scroll for pure healing purposes.
Downgrades: Nova or Superova
Alternatives: Bronze Scorchstone heals roughly the same amount, without the damage. It is once per battle, more reliable, and quite affordable.
Defenses: Sophies Magic Hat is a nice shield that can absorb 6 of the icons of damage, and a lot more other icons.