Sticky Snowball

Sticky Snowball [r100]
Single Use

Actual iconage 4.2 earth, 4.2 water and 0.42-4.2 physical icons.
Estimated Cost: 10-50 NP
Restocks at: Battle Magic
Avg. rating: 8 / 10
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This magical snowball can be thrown at an opponent in the Battledome. You can only use it once however, so stock up! One Use.
Credits: schaper
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Reviews (avg rating: 8)

Stick to these [at Aug 17th, 2008; 10:58 PM]
8 / 10

A very good choice for lots of icons at a low price, especially when weapons like Chocolate Chip Battle Biscuit cost at least 10 times more for barely any damage difference. The only downside is the icon choice is common among snowballs and thus commonly blocked by defenses meant to stop them, such as Leaf Shield, which shuts this down completely.

Still, if you're on a budget but have an important fight to win, I recommend these.

Alternatives: Snow Mudball does just 1 icon more but costs a lot more. Sand Snowball and Tortured Snowball are around the same price (probably even cheaper) and do only a bit less damage.

Upgrades: Chocolate Chip Battle Biscuit and Fire Muffin do 12 icons. Smelly Dung Muffin does 15.

Defenses: Leaf Shield shuts this down completely.