Sticky Quiggle Flicky Thing

Sticky Quiggle Flicky Thing [r99]

Steals an item. The item goes to the opponent after stealing.

Limit One
The chance of each function is 50%.
Estimated Cost: 3M NP
Restocks at: Battle Magic
Avg. rating: 4 / 10
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This works just like a sticky hand, only it has a sticky Quiggle shape at the end.
Species Weapon for Quiggle
Can steal opponent's weapons
Credits: angelofmine174
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Reviews (avg rating: 4)

Sticky Frog? [at Jun 6th, 2008; 3:28 AM]
4 / 10

I love the fact that this "sticky hand" has offensive icons. That means you're not wasting so much of your turn. Plus being a species weapon, your opponent won't be able to use this unless it's a quiggle too.

Unfortunately, the success rate of this is still unknown and being r99 makes it very expensive.