Pike Pike

Pike Pike [r101]
Multiple Use

Actual iconage is 4.5 light and 4.5 water.
Estimated Cost: 10K NP
Restocks at: Nowhere
Avg. rating: 7 / 10
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The sharpest fish in the sea.
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Reviews (avg rating: 7)

*Poke* [at Mar 10th, 2008; 4:38 PM]
7 / 10

Yet another 9-iconer with a great price. The icons are beautiful and will get something through any single shield, including 6 through Ghostkershield. Not bad for just ~120k neopoints. I don't like how it shares icons with so many other of the 9/10-icon weapons though.

Alternatives: Essence of Esophagor replaces the light icons with earth. Golden Compass is also similarly priced, and Psellias Fighting Fan, Stone Club, and Ice Club are cheaper 9-icon weapons.

Upgrades: Scuzzys Comb and Ramtors Spellbook deal 10 icons. If you're after the water and light icons, check up on Bzzt Blaster.

Downgrades: Scroll of Moon Light offers 6 light icons if you're interested.

Defenses: Amulet of Inevitable Betrayal or Frozen Wand of Crystals top this, and won't waste the turn too badly if your opponent switches weapons.