Rainbow Sticky Hand

Rainbow Sticky Hand [r99]
Multiple Use
87% chance of stealing.
Limit One
After stealing, this weapon goes to the opponent.
Estimated Cost: 3M NP
Restocks at: Battle Magic
Avg. rating: 2.33 / 10
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If you love a game of chance this weapon is for you. You never know what this sticky hand will bring you, but WATCH OUT your opponent inherits it after you use it! Limited Use. Only one stealing item can be equipped to your pet!
Can steal opponent's weapons
Used by: Kanrik, Master Thief , Greed
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Reviews (avg rating: 2.33)

It is pretty...expensive [at Nov 4th, 2011; 3:37 AM]
4 / 10

Price (0/2): Too expensive. By a long shot.

Effectiveness (3/4): Steal rate is around 87%, the best of the sticky hand set.

Usefulness (1/4): If you already had one of these (or could borrow one) and needed a stealer, this is a nice one in that it has no stat requirements. Keep in mind this goes to your opponent for the rest of the battle when it steals from them. 1p opponents won't use it back on you, so you are safe there. 2p will possibly use it on you...so always be wary of what is in your first weapon position. Because of the near 100% effectiveness, this works fairly well for 1p or 2p.

Downgrades: Blue Sticky Hand, Red Sticky Hand, Yellow Sticky Hand, Purple Sticky Hand and Green Sticky Hand are around 15%, 25%, 36%, 54% and 62% steal rate respectively. However, for the small difference in price, only the Purple is worth considering.

Upgrades: If you want 100% steal rate, then the Heavy Robe of Thievery is the one to shoot for (but that has a 201 movement requirement, and you'd need to consider that in the total cost if you haven't trained movement)
Rain... blow [at Jun 6th, 2008; 3:22 AM]
1 / 10

The best of the sticky hand series. Unfortunately, being r99 makes it's price so high that it's not practical. You might consider Purple Sticky Hand for a cheaper option or if you have the money and the agility, Heavy Robe Of Thievery steals 100% of the time!
Maybe... not [at Mar 21st, 2008; 4:26 PM]
2 / 10

This is the best sticky hand. However, it is depressingly expensive, and your opponent gets it for the battle if you succeed.

Upgrades: If you have the stats to use it, Heavy Robe of Thievery has a better price and success rate.