Blade Of Ultranova

Blade Of Ultranova [r99]

+ 15-300HP (overheal) Regular distribution

Limit One
The results of the heal are obtained using 15 rolls of a 20 sided die.
1/30 chance of healing and breaking.

Note: Overhealers are not working in the new Battledome. Check the Beta News page to monitor the status of overhealers.
Estimated Cost: 3M NP
Restocks at: Battle Magic
Avg. rating: 4 / 10
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More powerful, more purple and more ultra than the simple Nova Blade.
Healing potion
Credits: angelofmine174
Used by: Disgruntled Townspeople, Pirate Helmswoman
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Reviews (avg rating: 4)

Fun weapon, but not worth the money [at Feb 3rd, 2013; 2:19 PM]
4 / 10

Power to Price (2/6) Most of the time, this weapon will dish out 6 light icons, which is not very powerful, considering it costs 3 million NP to purchase. The average heal is about 150-160 HP, and the heal power is distributed on a bell curve, so it is semi-reliable in heal power. The healing effect is very strong, yet at a 1/30 chance of procuring, don't count on getting that heal unless you are in a really long fight.

Tactical (1/3) You cannot predict when it will heal you, or when it will do damage, but neither can your opponent.

Other (1/1) This weapon is pretty unique in what it can do.

Upgrades: Rod of Dark Nova is a massive upgrade. It heals, defends, and does damage all at once, and is reusable. Sword of Thgil for the light icons.

Downgrades: Blade of Supernova is the direct downgrade, slightly weaker.

Alternatives: Bracelet of Kings is a multi-use random attack/defense/healing weapon. It is about the same price. Short Sleeved Yellow Tunic is a more reliable healer/defender for about the same price.

Defenses: Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield defends against all light damage.