Black Frost Cannon

Black Frost Cannon [r99]


Limit One freezer.
Actual physical iconage is 0.133-1.33 icons.

Estimated Cost: 800K NP
Restocks at: Battle Magic
Avg. rating: 3.67 / 10
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POW!! This cannon fires a bolt of coloured frost at an opponent... and has a chance of freezing them for one round!
Freezer weapon
Credits: Pandar
Used by: Peasant Militia Mob, Zombified Heroes, Tax Beast
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Reviews (avg rating: 3.67)

Obselete [at Sep 27th, 2011; 4:46 PM]
2 / 10

Power to Price (0/6): 20% freeze rate + 4 icons. That used to be good until another weapon was mass released...

Tactical (1/3): Water is good, but 3 icons isn't going to make that big of a difference and the physical is easily blockable.

Other Observations (1/1): There is an animation when used! The rainbow one looks better though. :(

Downgrades: Other Frost Cannons

Alternatives: Snowglobe Staff

Upgrades: Randomly Firing Freeze Ray has entered the battledome as its replacement as cheaper and more effective.

Defenses/Countermeasures: Leaf Shield will block the attack.
Black Frosting [at Jun 8th, 2008; 7:10 PM]
4 / 10

Considered to have the highest freeze rate (around 23%) of all the frost cannon family. Unfortunately, it's still not that reliable to be used in 2 players and too expensive for 1 player. For one player, Snowglobe staff is a good option because it's cheap and doesn't easily break.
Usable [at Mar 16th, 2008; 8:31 PM]
5 / 10

If you can't afford a 100% freezer yet, this and Rainbow Frost Cannon are your best options. However, at this level, your opponent may be able to finish you off before this actually freezes, and you still lose to people with 100% freezers most of the time. If you play mostly 1-player, repeatedly withdrawing and using Snowglobe Staff will work just fine. At the end, get this if you really want to, but it's not necessary.

Alternatives: Rainbow Frost Cannon for two-player, Snowglobe Staff for one-player.

Upgrades: 100% freezers such as H4000 Helmet or Freezing Potion

Downgrade: Green Frost Cannon