Chia Flour

Chia Flour [r180]
Single Use
Turns opponent into a Yellow Chia.
Estimated Cost: 9M NP
Restocks at: Nowhere
Avg. rating: 1.33 / 10
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Throw this bag of magical Chia Flour at an opponent, and see what happens! Its one use however, so make sure you hit!
Hidden Tower weapon
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Reviews (avg rating: 1.33)

Waste [at Jul 20th, 2008; 6:55 PM]
1 / 10

Considering this is a fortune and will once do a useless thing that will just make your opponent mad, this is pretty much a waste of your money, unless you're so vengeful that you're going to spend probably over 10 million just to get revenge that isn't even too impressive. This item has one use, and that's what I'm going to rate this with.
Erradicated and retired [at Feb 10th, 2008; 5:32 AM]
2 / 10

Chia Flour was a popular, annoying weapon until TNT decided to retire it because of the complaints they received of expensive pets being turned into Chia.

It's quite fun if you are on the revenge side, but other than that, you just throw away 9 mill NPs just for that, because it's a one-use weapon one. Save the money for painting your pets instead.

For collectors or rich avengers only.

Still, a rating of 2 for its ability.
Annoyed [at Feb 10th, 2008; 1:57 AM]
1 / 10

I don't know why anyone would want to use this except if he wants to annoy someone... Please don't waste your money in this.