Brilliant Star Potion

Brilliant Star Potion [r98]
Multiple Use
Estimated Cost: 6K - 10K NP
Restocks at: Nowhere
Avg. rating: 3 / 10
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Your opponent will not know what hit them when you attack with this potion.
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Reviews (avg rating: 3)

Unique icon combo, but lacks strength [at Jun 15th, 2014; 6:28 PM]
3 / 10

While this does provide a unique icon combination, 6 icons doesn't amount to much these days. Inexpensive 9-icon weapons like Ridiculously Heavy Battle Hammer have made 6-iconers fairly obsolete. However, the unique icon combination might make this weapon useful for specific situations. It passes completely through Leaf Shield and Shiny Shoal Shell Shield, and not many shields block both light and dark.

Alternatives: Cobrall in a Can and Scroll of Dark Nova are the exact same. Scroll of the Dark Star and Scroll of the Moon Light both also deal 6 icons, but are mono-icon weapons in dark and light, respectively.

Upgrades: Ramtors Spellbook and Sun and Moon Chakram both maintain the icon combination but increase the number of icons.

Defenses/Countermeasures: Parchment Cloak, Mystical White Cloak, and Nebula Force Field Generator block it completely.