Battle Slices

Battle Slices [r180]
Multiple Use

Actual iconage is 4.5 air and 0.45-4.5 physical icons.
Estimated Cost: 20M NP
Restocks at: Nowhere
Avg. rating: 1.33 / 10
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They may look like innocent serrated slices of deli meat, but due to a powerful enchantment they can be thrown to cause massive damage in the Battledome!
Hidden Tower weapon
Used by: Zombiefied Peasants, Ships Cook
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Reviews (avg rating: 1.33)

Junk [at Jul 17th, 2008; 5:14 PM]
2 / 10

I honest to god thought those were fuzzy discs before i read the description.

Power(1) 6-10 icons.

Prcie(0) Air is good but not at this price. The going rate of this is about 15 million.

Strategy(1) Sure, 5 air is decent, and it'll help getting through stuff, but it's not -that- much. For the price of this you could easily get a Pirate Captains Cutlass for a lot more air.

Other(0) Honestly, these look like circular fuzzy things to me.

Defenses: Both Faerie Tabard and Ghostkershield are enough to get these to 2 icons.

Upgrades: Pirate Captains Cutlass is good enough.
Downgrades: You may want to try the Black Fan of Shenkuu.
Recipe [at Jun 28th, 2008; 11:22 PM]
1 / 10

*Gets a Portable Kiln, add a few Tomato Bombs, some pasta and cheese and you'll get battledome style Spaghetti!:D*

Alternatives: For 20M you should rather get a Sword of Skardsen or a Pirate Captains Cutlass.
Don't touch it [at Jan 29th, 2008; 5:13 PM]
1 / 10

Power: 0/3
Price: 0/3
Usefulness: 1/3
Other: 0/1

It has a possibility of being too weak for the price it comes with. Six icons is easily done by Scarab Ring for less than 1k. If you're seriously looking for air icons for whatever reason, Earth Faerie Slingshot will do you well. Don't bother with this at all.