Box Of Clockwork Grundos

Box Of Clockwork Grundos [r180]
Multiple Use
This weapon gives 1 to 4 random Clockwork Grundo.
Estimated Cost: 150M-180M NP
Restocks at: Nowhere
Avg. rating: 3.67 / 10
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How did they cram so many Clockwork Grundos into such a small box???
Hidden Tower weapon
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Reviews (avg rating: 3.67)

Item Generators = Bad [at Jul 18th, 2008; 2:55 PM]
3 / 10

I like Clockwork Grundos but this isn't looking like a very attractive weapon.

Power(2) Basically doing 10-30 icons each time you use this (since you can only use up to two, and you might not even get that many), so 5-15 icons per turn.

Price(0) Very few left in circulation, so the price of this is probably going to be high.

Strategy(1) All item generators lack a strategic quality because they take a turn to make the item. And while the bulking of icons (especially with Blue, Red and Yellow Clockworks) is good, this doesn't provide enough. You could only get 1 clockwork per use if you're unlucky and end up doing an average of 5 to 7.5 icons per turn.


Defenses: Any reflectors or full blockers of the icons that clockwork grundos use. (Air, Fire, Light, Earth). Pirate Captains Hat might prove well as it blocks two different icons that clockworks use fully, plus 5 fire.

Fire - Portable Kiln, Mask of Coltzan.
Light - Pumpkin Stick, Kaylas Hat, Amulet Of Thilg.
Air - Pirate Captains Cutlass.
Earth - Carrotblade, Honey Potion, and Attack Pea.
Surpise! [at Jun 29th, 2008; 10:39 PM]
5 / 10

Clockwork Grundos are very nice and possibly getting up to 4 of it for one fight is superb. But you have to remember the amount of turns you would need and the unpredictability of this. Still a very fun weapon to use but not something you might want to depend on everytime.
Fun to use [at Feb 7th, 2008; 2:32 PM]
3 / 10

Power: 1/3
Price: 0/3
Usefulness: 1/3
Other: 1/1

Great fun to use to see which kind of clockwork grundo you'll get. It'll also be hard for the opponent to know which icon type you'll be doing, and you won't know either. The bad part is the ginormously steep price. You may want to get Rainbow Clockwork Grundo for a nice array of icons for slightly less (5 million less?).