Lord Kass Amulet

Lord Kass Amulet [r101]
Multiple Use


Only two of these exist in Neopia.

Restocks at: Nowhere
Avg. rating: 9 / 10
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This powerful artifact aided Lord Kass in his attacks on Meridell
Credits: 2truelavender
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Reviews (avg rating: 9)

OHH SHINY! [at Jun 8th, 2012; 11:14 AM]
9 / 10

I'm not giving this a 10 due to the fact that this is priceless. Only 1 of these were given out (one was *cough* duped.) So of the "2" that exist. One person got caught and were iced, the second is owned by Beth, who still plays neo. So move on, you'll never have one of these.

I've gone up against Beth a couple of times, of course i stood no chance but still :p. Invaluable for its offensive style, this gets massive icons through sink AND burrow, correct me if i'm wrong, but Ghostkershield is your best defense against this little trinket. EDIT: There is the new Shield of Faerieland which doesn't take care of darkness, but still blocks that hefty amount of air thrown at you, something to consider.

As for its defense, it is just a bonus, has the potential to shut down Scuzzys Comb and Staff of Righteous Fury and can hurt Sword of Thigl and Skarls Sword a good amount. But hey how often do you run into the latter? heck you'd never own one of these anyways :)