Kauvaras Marvellous Potion

This weapon has (some) unknown stats! This info is unofficial!
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Kauvaras Marvellous Potion [r101]
Single Use
This weapon will increase your Kau's stats by 2 (Level, HP, Defense and Strength). Need to be confirmed.

Estimated Cost: 1.5M NP
Restocks at: Smugglers Cove
Avg. rating: 3 / 10
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This special brew was made by Kauvara for Kau Day!
Species Weapon for Kau
Can increase pet's stat(s)
Smuggler's Cove weapon
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Reviews (avg rating: 3)

Marvellous [at Jun 7th, 2008; 7:40 AM]
3 / 10

Since the effectiveness of this is yet to be confirmed, I'll have to rate it lower than usual. But if this really does increase 8 stat points and it only cost 1.5mil then it would be a real bargain especially if your Kau is on a very high level. I deduct a point for being species-only.