Kaleideonegg [r106]
Single Use
Changes your pet's color to a basic color (Blue, Green, Yellow, or Red) and does one of the following to your pet.

+1 Max HP
+1 Level
Estimated Cost: 80 - 100K NP
Restocks at: The Neggery
Avg. rating: 2 / 10
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A magical negg, that can only be found at the Neopian Neggery. This negg will do sstraannnggee things to your pet!
Can increase pet's stat(s)
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Reviews (avg rating: 2)

Extra Zap [at Jul 4th, 2010; 2:55 PM]
2 / 10

First off, the price on this is pretty hefty. Secondly, this negg can be useful, or the exact opposite. Considering that the Lab Ray can make your pet level 1, I wouldn't use this on any serious battle pet.

If your battle pet gets its stats from the ray, I still wouldn't suggest this. Purchasing 10 of these is almost the same cost as a lab ray. It is almost like paying for what you may already have.

Be cautious when using a Kaleideonegg.