Leaded Elemental Vial

Leaded Elemental Vial [r99]
Once Per Battle
Full heal

Limit One.
Estimated Cost: 30 - 45M NP
Restocks at: Royal Potionery
Avg. rating: 9.25 / 10
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This potion is so potent it needs to be kept in a leaded vial!
Healing potion
Used by: Death, Wrath, Pride
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Reviews (avg rating: 9.25)

Maybe we can turn it into a gilded vial... [at Apr 26th, 2013; 3:26 PM]
10 / 10

This is currently the cheapest full healer around. Add that to the fact that in-battledome equipping allows you to avoid that previously nervy "Use on..." button, and you have a brilliant piece of battle equipment.

However, being cheaper than a Jade Scorchstone doesn't stop this from being expensive in itself, so if you want a cheaper healer, go for a Bag of Healing Dust or choose a species with a good species healer, such as Kacheek Life Potion, Elephante Unguent or Gelert Healing Remedy.

If you want multi-healing capabilities, you'll want to look at Sword of Lameness for a chance of multiple full heals, Wand of the Dark Faerie or Illusens Staff for percentage heals when below a certain amount of health or Rod of Dark Nova/Rod of Supernova/Everlasting Crystal Apple for possibly useful multi-healing for lower-health pets.
Equip not Drink! [at Jun 7th, 2008; 7:14 AM]
9 / 10

One of the two most reliable full healer. It's cheaper than Jade Scorchstone. Just be careful when equipping it.
Almost perfect [at Mar 11th, 2008; 9:15 PM]
9 / 10

As the cheapest 100% healer, I would love to give this a 10, as there are no real upgrades to it. However, after reading the horror stories of people accidentally "Using" this on their pet instead of equipping it and losing millions in a single click... nah.

Obviously if you're super-careful this is perfect. But just the chance makes me queasy.

Alternatives: Jade Scorchstone is the other 100% healer, but as it's retired, it's going to be more expensive.

Downgrades: Ice Scorchstone may work, otherwise use Bag of Healing Dust to heal 50%. Also check if your pet has a species healer available.
Dream healer... [at Mar 11th, 2008; 3:12 PM]
9 / 10

One of the 100% healers, not much can be said about it. For very high HP pets, this is one healer that can bring your pet back into the battle as if it were just starting it!

It's price is definitely not to smile about, as its 30 mil tag is only for those who can afford such a good healer. Still, it's much cheaper than it's common, but very expensive Jade Scorchstone, so the LEV is the cheapest yet.

If you have a good species healer and provided you don't zap your pet or have changes in mind, buy it, as chances are it'll be much cheaper than this. If you don't, your best bet is this. Trust me.