Short Sleeved Yellow Tunic

Short Sleeved Yellow Tunic [r99]
Once Per Battle
(75 HP, no overheal)

Limit One
This item can only heal you pet if it has over 500 intelligence points. It will disappears for the rest of the battle after healing.

Estimated Cost: 2.5M-3M NP
Restocks at: Brightvale Armoury
Avg. rating: 7.33 / 10
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Incredibly light and soft to touch.
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Reviews (avg rating: 7.33)

Nifty, but I'd prefer a KLP [at Dec 14th, 2012; 2:42 PM]
7 / 10

This is quite a useful step up from Greater Healing Scroll. However, this is of much less use in high HP pets, so many people already have pets that have outgrown this by the time they can afford to upgrade their healer. The extra defense is also a nice bonus.

The obvious upgrades are the 50% species healers such as Gelert Healing Remedy and Elephante Unguent, as well as Kacheek Life Potion. The non-species upgrades would be either Bag of Healing Dust or Crisp Blue Tunic, although the very expensive Rainbow Scorchstone and Glittery Scorchstone could be your upgrades for pets with HP at around 100, or possibly lower.

Overall, this is quite a nice healer, but the 25HP above Greater Healing Scroll may not necessarily be worth it.
SLEEVE MONSTER [at Jun 17th, 2012; 4:38 AM]
8 / 10

Looks like the sleeve monster came and had a meal. On the bright side, it works just as well and now your pet can show off their big muscles to the ladies in the gym, not to mention its description: "Incredibly light and soft to touch."

This is pretty much a nice stepping stone as your pet becomes stronger and requires a better suited healer.
The common trend is: Scorchstone, Greater Healing Scroll/Helm of Recovery, Short Sleeved Yellow Tunic, Crisp Blue Tunic/Bag of Healing Dust/Species healer, Leaded Elemental Vial/Jade Scorchstone.

You will see these tons of times in L6 and 7 battles, so expect it, and its defense is just a bonus. The real pain is getting this much intel, I guess it's good to prepare for the stronger cloaks from the Brightvale Armoury, but man does 500 intel take some patience.

Short and Yellow [at Aug 17th, 2008; 9:01 AM]
7 / 10

Tired of your Greater Healing Scroll? This could be a good option. Heals 75HP plus some defensive icons involve. A good way practice until you get it's big brother, Crisp Blue Tunic

Upgrades: Crisp Blue Tunic