Basic Lightning Beam

Basic Lightning Beam [r50]
Multiple Use


Actual physical iconage is 0.1-1.0 icons.

Estimated Cost: 100 - 200 NP
Restocks at: Defence Magic
Avg. rating: 1.5 / 10
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Zap your opponent silly with a jolt from this bolt!
Dual duty (attack + defense)
Used by: Drackonack, Zafara Rogue
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Reviews (avg rating: 1.5)

Basic? Yeah! [at Feb 12th, 2008; 9:42 PM]
1 / 10

Since you can get this free from the snowager, many new battlers have this.

UPGRADES: for other free weapons try Bone Sceptre or Obsidian Dagger from the Deserted Tomb or if you can spend some money Scarab Ring is still the best choice.
Nostalgia... [at Feb 12th, 2008; 12:17 PM]
2 / 10

I remember this was one of the first weapons I bought when I started battling so many years ago.

Then when I saw that it dealt so little icons, I dumped it and got its bigger brother, the Improved Lightning Beam, which wasn't too bad.

However, this is too weak for the little damage it deals and for what it defends, so don't get it.

I only give it 2 for the nostalgia.

Upgrades - Scarab Ring is a really good upgrade, as is Bone Sceptre.