Basic Healing Negg

Basic Healing Negg [r101]
Single Use
5 HP (no overheal)

This item can be acquired from the item Bag of Infinite Neggs.

Previously, the Faerie ability 'Negg' would also give this item, but this ability no longer exists.
Restocks at: Nowhere
Avg. rating: 1 / 10
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This Negg can only be used in the Battledome, where it will heal a wounded Neopet five hit points!
Healing potion
Used by: Kauvara, Charming Subversive
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Reviews (avg rating: 1)

The most basic Negg [at Jan 11th, 2009; 1:38 PM]
1 / 10

This is the base, the center of battle Neggs. Healing a once-use 5 HP, most won't find a very good use for this item.