Punchbag Bob (Sid) Profile

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Punchbag Bob (Sid)
[Difficulty: 100]

no description
Arena: Central Arena
How to unlock: Randomly appears in battledome; when available, the challenge page shows two "Punchbag Bob" opponents (Sid is the one with difficulty 100).
Starting HP: 2000
Abilities Used: Aura , Inertia , Scorch
Various Notes
Losing to Punchbag Sid gives the 'Punchbag' avatar.
Starting strength boost: 350

Weapons Used By This Challenger

The following weapons can be stolen from this challenger.

Grand Lightning Beam

H4000 Helmet

Jade Scorchstone

Jhudora The Dark Faerie Doll

Sword Of Skardsen

Ultimate Chive Of Death

Prizes Won From This Challenger

The following prizes can be won from this challenger.