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Defenders of Neopia is a “game” in which you have to beat a series of certain 1-player opponents in the Battledome. After completing each challenge, you will receive a trophy and possibly an avatar. Go ahead and select a challenger below; you can view their 1-player profiles and comics for the mission.

Select a Challenger
· Pant Devil · Ghost Lupe · Cave Chia · Meuka · Brain Tree · Commander Garoo · Tekkitu · Meerca Henchmen · Giant Ghostkerchief · Evil Sloth Clone · Snow Beast · Giant Hungry Maleovent Chomby · Mootix Warrior · Kastraliss · Slug Monster · The Drenched · Qasalan Mummy ·

Get Avatars Quick

Some challengers may have an avatar associated with them, but two Defenders of Neopia avatars can be obtained by easily visiting the Headquarters and Old Comics page.