Item Training

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There are various items available on Neopets that will affect your pet's stats. Not all of them are entirely positive, and most are insanely expensive for what they are. However if you want a quick boost and you have a large bank balance then maybe these are for you! A general list of items that will change your pets stats can be found here.


There are two Lost Desert scrolls that, when read to your pet, will change their stats. Like all Neopian books they vanish after you read them to your pet so you need to decide if the stats are worth the hefty price you'll pay for these scrolls!

Mummified Scroll

Mummified Scroll

Reading this scroll to your pet will take 0-3 movement points and add them to your Hit Points. Your pet will lose an intelligence point as well.

Scroll of the Ancients

When you read this scroll to your pet it will gain 1 strength, 1 movement, and 2 intelligence points.
Scroll of the Ancients


Some Neggs can be used to train as many of them give stat boosts to your pets when they eat them. While it can be a fast way to train your pet most people agree that Negg training just isn't worth it as the Neggs can be very expensive and the costs far outweigh the benefits.

Cool NeggSuper NeggFerocious Negg

To see the effects of the different Neggs see the special Neggs section in the weapon database. You may also visit our Negg Training Guide for more info about Negging.


Much like Neggs, Shrooms can be fed to your pet to increase a varitey of its battle stats. Again, these are fairly expensive and generally not worth the neopoints you would have to spend on them - much better to just enroll into a course at one of the training schools, it might take longer but at least it won't make such a large dent in your bank account!

Purple Spotted ShroomSuper Fast ShroomMega Power Plusshroom

If you wish to see what benefits the various Shrooms available could offer check their entries in the weapon database.

Starry Birthday Cupcakes

On the birthday of your pet, you can visit their pet lookup and choose one of three Starry Birthday Cupcakes. Each cupcake will increase a specific stat based on its flavor. These are no-trade items, but you can feed them to any pet on your account.

Starry Pink Birthday CupcakeStarry Yellow Birthday CupcakeStarry Blue Birthday Cupcake

This article was written by Crimsonite for The Daily Neopets' Battlepedia.
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