Obtaining Tonu and Jetsam Avatars Easily

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Thinking of tackling some Battledome avatars but don't have access to a Tonu or Jetsam? No worries. These kind Neopians listed below have offered their help so you can cross these avatars off your to-do list.

Simply send the owner of these Neopets a polite neomail, requesting to battle for the avatar(s) and hope they accept your offer. Please keep in mind that the users listed below offer their pet(s) to battle in their free time and are under no obligation to battle or even reply to you.

Once you've been accepted, there is a small set of rules and etiquette to follow in the Battledome. As these are personal pets, we do not want to permanently damage or alter them in any way so please refrain from using any pet or stat altering weaponry.

Do NOT use:

  1. Stat-altering weapons, such as Scroll Potion.
  2. Species-altering weapons, like Kacheek or Chia Flour.
  3. Poisoning items.

Jetsam - Wanna Fight? avatar
'Jetsam - Wanna Fight?' avatar list

Pet: lilmonsterator
Contact: amanda1117

Pet: vampie_17
Contact: fish_monkey_7

Pet: Beaonyx
Contact: nikh1996

Pet: Nifuel
Contact: neoking2002_neo

Pet: dadiloveuneo
Contact: platinumskies

Pet: Cheezburgrrrrrr
Contact: rn_tracy1_rn

Tonu - Charge! avatar
'Tonu - Charge!' avatar list

Pet: BabyBalloon
Contact: chdube

Pet: ChiefBoyardee
Contact: neoking2002_neo

Pet: Sheilix
Contact: violetflowersinavase

Pet: locazo_rino
Contact: lexingtonma

If you have a Tonu or Jetsam and would like to be added to this list above, please Contact Us and we will add it as soon as possible.

This article was written by HBK for The Daily Neopets' Battlepedia.
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