Secret Ninja Training School

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The Secret Ninja Training School(external link) is the "college" of training schools. Only pets leveled 250 or above may receive training and access its shop (which has exclusive items found nowhere else).

Secret Ninja Training School
Location - General Information - Training Courses
Ninja Weaponry - Wisdom Statue


The School itself can be found by clicking on the stairs leading up to the island's volcano.

Training school location on map

General Information

Ninja AishaNinja LennyNinja Kyrii

If you aren't level 250 or above, we are gonna throw you out!

Secret Ninja Training School Entrance screenshot

Secret Ninja Training School


Mystery Island (click on the steps leading up to the mountain to access)


Red Codestones - a random selection


Between 4 and 12 hours

Free Training


Training Courses

Courses in the Secret Ninja Training School are paid for in Red Codestones. The amount of Red Codestones required depends on the level of your pet. As there are different types of Red Codestones, the Codestone(s) required is/are selected randomly.

Neopet Level Length Cost
250 to 299 4 hours Red Codestone
One Codestone
300 to 399 6 hours Red Codestone
Two Codestones
400 to 499 8 hours Red Codestone
Three Codestones
500 to 599 10 hours Red Codestone
Four Codestones
600 to 749 12 hours Red Codestone
Five Codestones
750+ 12 hours Red Codestone
Six Codestones

Unlike the Mystery Island Training School, you can cancel courses. If you do, however, you will be unable to apply for another course for 24 hours.

Canceling courses screenshot
(Click to enlarge.)

Ninja Weaponry

The Secret Ninja Training School has an exclusive item shop that you can buy from every 30 minutes. Most of these items will sell for a nice profit, since most people do not have access to the shop.

Secret Ninja Training School Shop screenshot
(Click to enlarge.)

Statue of the Techo Master's Master

You can also donate your neopoints to a statue in exchange for wisdom.

Statue of the Techo Master's Master
(Click to enlarge.)

Thanks to Patricia for screenshots!

This article was written by Crimsonite for The Daily Neopets' Battlepedia.
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