Other Methods of Training

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There are a few other ways to increase your pets statistics. Most of these are a bit too hit-and-miss to use a your main training strategy, generally because they are rather random, but they can be good for gaining a few extra stats here and there!

Coltzan's Shrine

Occasionally, when you approach Coltzan's Shrine with your active pet, the spirit of King Coltzan rewards your pet with an increase in one of its battledome stats. Coltzan can increase any of your pet's stats, or reward you with an item, or neopoints. What you get (if you get anything at all for that matter) is random.

Coltzans Shrine

Deadly Dice

Deep in the Haunted Woods you can find Count von Roo. This scary Blumaroo is only awake between 12 and 1 AM NST, but if you catch him while he's up you can play dice with him. When you play with him you wager one of your pet's levels - if you win he'll reward you with another level but if you lose your pet's level will go down.

White Deadly DiceBlack Deadly Dice

If you tie with him, Count von Roo will double the wager - meaning if you win you can win a couple of levels rather than just one, however if you lose the same is true so you are risking more if you continue.

Random Events

It is also possible to gain stats for your active pet through random events. By their very name however, these are random so don't count on them for all your training! Pets can gain levels or strength points in this way.

Something has happened!
Gain level YourPet has suddenly gained a level!!!


One of the prizes that can be won from some of the Ice Caves and Deserted Fairgrounds scratchcards is a Level Up for your active pet! This is hit-and-miss as winning is, of course, random. However if you wish to try your luck here are the cards that give you a chance of winning a Level Up.

Ice Caves Kiosk
Scratchcard space

If you scratch off three of the Level Up symbol on any of the following scratchcards then you have won a level increase!

  • Treasure Trove
  • Faeries Fortune
  • Peak O Plenty
  • Icetravaganza

Deserted Fairground Kiosk
Scratchcard space

If you scratch off three of the Level Up symbol on any of the following scratchcards then you have won a level increase!

  • Festering Fortune
  • Mutating Millions
  • Pustravaganza
  • Rotting Riches

If you want to try your luck the Ice Caves' Treasure Trove Scratchcard is the cheapest card that offer the change to gain a level. Remember, you can only scratch off five cards of any type a day!

The Fruit Machine

Battle stats can also be gained when you win at the Fruit Machine. You can play this once a day and if you are lucky enough to spin three Putnec fruits you will win an increase in both level and strength for your active pet, as well a random paint brush, some bottled faeries and a random amount of Neopoints!

Puntec FruitPuntec FruitPuntec Fruit

Remember, this prize is very rare but the machine is free to spin so you might as well try your luck everyday!


Taking your pet and its petpet to visit the Turmaculus can also lead to an increase in your pet's strength! Whoever said that Turmy was only good for petpets? This is, yet again, random - and Turmy is just as likely to eat your petpet as he is to grant you strength!


This article was written by Crimsonite for The Daily Neopets' Battlepedia.
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