Negg Training

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Negg Training (also known as Negging) is a training strategy that involves feeding your pet with stat increasing neggs and other items to improve its boosts. This is considered the most fastest yet most expensive way to train a battle pet.

Things to Remember

  • There are several stat increasing items and Neggs all over Neopia. These could be obtain via the Trading Post or by exchanging your Negg Tokens at the Neggery. This guide will only tackle the most common neggs involve. Other items are tackled in the Training with Items Guide.
  • Neggs could become really expensive. It is most practical to do negg training if your pet already have high stats and use it as a supplement for your School Training.
  • Negg Training is affected by your pet's "hunger". It is said that it's much faster if you feed your pet 1 Negg every 2 hours and maintain the "dying" status rather than feeding your pet until bloated and wait for it to be hungry again.
  • Due to Tarla and the release of Key Quest, Neggs that give Negg Tokens have deflated dramatically. Because of this, it can be much cheaper to use negg tokens to buy the Neggs at the Neggery rather than paying Neopoints for them at the Trading Post.
  • It is much better to use Neggs that will surely give a stat increase rather than using cheaper Neggs which has a lower chance of increasing a stat.

Commonly Used Neggs

Multiple Increasers

Cool Negg
Cool Neggs are very useful since they could give out multiple stat increases (1 - 2 levels 1 - 3 Strength, 1 - 3 Hit Points and 1 - 3 Agility). They are pretty expensive though costing as high as half a million NP.
Super Negg
Super Negg will increase level by 1 point while increasing HP and agility up to 3 points each.

Strength Increasers

Power Negg
Power Negg would be responsible increasing the 1 strength of your pet.
Ferocious Negg
Ferocious Negg would increase your strength by up to 3 points. However, it will give your pet a random disease so be careful.

Defense Increasers

Silver Knight Negg
Silver Knight Negg is the second most reliable of the 3 neggs that could increase the defense of your pet.
Armoured Negg
Armoured Negg is the cheapest and most reliable of the 3 neggs that increase the defense of your pet by 1.

Endurance Increasers

Faerie Queen Negg is the most basic of all HP increasers. It will increase Hit Points by 1.
Spiked Negg will increase HP up to 3 points.
Snegg will increase HP and agility up to 3 points.

Remember that Negg Training is just one of the many ways you could increase your pet stats. For other ways feel free to visit our Fast Training Guide.

This article was written by Crimsonite for The Daily Neopets' Battlepedia.
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