Mystery Island Training School

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After graduation from Krawk Island's Swashbuckling Academy, prospective battlepets will spend a lot of their time at the Mystery Island Training School. The MI Training School trains pets under level 250 - upon which you'll want to head over to the Secret Ninja Training School. The MI Training School pays in Codestones and is looked after by Ryshu the Nimmo, your instructor and host.

Ryshu the Nimmo
Man who run in front of car gets tired.

Mystery Island Training School
Location Mystery Island
Currency Codestones - a random selection
Length Between 2 and 24 hours
Free Training None

Training Courses

Courses in the Mystery Island Training School are paid for in Codestones. The amount of Codestones required depends on the level of your pet. As there are different types of Codestones, the Codestone(s) required is selected randomly.

Neopet Level Length Cost
20 and under 2 hours codestone
One Codestone
21-40 3 hours codestone
Two Codestones
41-80 4 hours codestone
Three Codestones
81-100 6 hours codestone
Four Codestones
101-120 8 hours codestone
Five Codestones
121-150 12 hours codestone
Six Codestones
151-200 18 hours codestone
Seven Codestones
201-250 24 hours codestone
Eight Codestones

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