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Have you ever just been browsing Neopets or the Battledome NeoBoards and saw a battledome item you wanted to know more information about? If you are a firefox user there is a simple way you can do a quick search of the battledome item without even visiting our battlepedia first!

Step 1:

Be sure you have Firefox as your browser or this will NOT work. Simply click that link in the last sentence and begin your free download and installation of Firefox.

Step 2:

To set this up for the first time, you will have to be in the battlepedia. An account is not required for this, but feel free to sign up anyway. ;) Now, all you have to do is simply right click on the search box located at the top of the sites navigation. Then select "Add a keyword for this search..." See below.

Add a keyword screenshot

Step 3:

Simply type the letters "bp" in both the name and keyword boxes, as seen below.

Add bookmark screenshot

Step 4:

You're done! Everything has been set up, now to do a quick search, simply type "bp" (your keyword) in your address bar, a space, and then the word you would like to search in the battlepedia. In my example I used the word "leaf".

Quick search example


You are done! Your results should have loaded in the battlepedia search page. You have successfully set up your quick search, and can now from ANY page on the internet quickly search The Daily Neopets Battlepedia! How cool is that!?!

Having Trouble?

Visit our great Neopets Forums for assistance in setting this up. ;) Have a great day.

This article was written by Superfly for The Daily Neopets' Battlepedia.
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