Faerie Quests

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Every so often, the Faeries of Neopets will give you a quest. These events may occur at anytime and the Faerie as well as the item asked by her are totally random! Some of the Faeries will increase the stats of your pet as a reward. Also, keep in mind that you won't be able to use the Shop Wizard to find the item you're asked by the Faerie. To complete a quest, visit this page.

Faeries and Rewards

Air Faerie
Air Faerie Doll

The Air Faerie will ask for beauty products.

She will increase the movement of one of your pet by 3 points.
Movement is useless in the Battledome, but enables the use of certain Battledome items.

Dark Faerie
Dark Faerie Doll

The Dark Faerie will ask for toys.

She will increase the hit points of one of your pet by 3 points.

Earth Faerie
Earth Faerie Doll

The Earth Faerie will ask for magical items.

She increases a random stat (endurance, defense, strength, or movement) of your active pet by 3 points.

Fire Faerie
Fire Faerie Doll

The Fire Faerie will ask for clothing.

She will increase the strength of one of your pet by 3 points.

Light Faerie
Light Faerie Doll

The Light Faerie will ask for trading cards.

She will increase the level of one of your pet by 2 points.

Water Faerie
Water Faerie Doll

The Water Faerie will ask for books.

She will increase the defence of one of your pet by 3 points.

Battle Faerie
Battle Faerie Doll

The Battle Faerie will ask for uncommon or rare items.

She will increase a endurance, strength and defense of your active pet by 3 points each.

Fyora Faerie Queen
Floating Fyora Faerie Doll

Fyora the Faerie Queen will ask for anything.

She will increase the following stats for your pet: level by 2 points, strength by 5 points and endurance by 5 points.

Space Faerie
Space Faerie Doll

The Space Faerie will ask for anything.

She will increase the level of your active pet by 4 points.

Fountain Faerie
Rainbow Fountain Faerie Doll

The Fountain Faerie will ask for rare items.

She won't increase your stats, but completing one of her quest will give you access to the Rainbow Pool.
For more information on Fountain Faerie Quests, visit our guide here at The Daily Neopets.

Soup Faerie
Soup Faerie Doll

The Soup Faerie will ask for Smoothies.

She increases two random stats (endurance, defense, strength, or movement) of your active pet by 2 points.

Baelia the Grey Faerie
Grey Faerie Doll

The Grey Faerie will ask for Petpets.

She randomly bestows the blessing of one of the other faeries.

How to Obtain Faerie Quests

Faerie quests are generally random. However, if you want to spend NeoCash, you can purchase a Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie from the NC Mall. This fortune cookie guarantees you one quest per day for 7 days from any of the above faeries. For more information on NC fortune cookies, visit our guide on TDN Customization.

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This article was written by Crimsonite for The Daily Neopets' Battlepedia.
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