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The new Battledome has arrived at Neopets, and introduces fighters to a newly redone battledome, featuring enhanced graphics, animations, colors, and prizes! The new Battledome is currently in its Beta stage however, which means some things from the old battledome haven't carried over yet, and everything is still in the works. This article is designed to help you with the changes and new features of the new dome, and will be updated as it progresses.

In time, through hard work, training, patience, and experience you will go from being this:

baby shoyru1 and doing this: baby shoyru2

to doing this:

darigan hitbaby shoyru3

Important Changes in the New Battledome

  • New graphics and animations to battling and the arenas
  • A Neopoint and/or item reward after battle (up to 15 items and 1500 NP per day)
  • Stealing an opponents item will now target a random item among the enemies equipment, instead of the first item in a stealing order.
  • During 1-P, withdrawing from a fight simply by leaving the page will no longer occur. The fight will simply be 'on hold' until you wish to continue it. You must withdraw manually, and if you do so, it will count as a loss to yourself.
  • New Battledome challengers have been added including: Neopets V2, Giant Spectral Mutant Walein, Donny (from the Toy Repair Shop), Valin (from Hannah and the Ice Caves), and the S750 Kreludan Defender Robot. Also for premium members, there are the Giant Space Fungus and Jetsam Ace.
  • Instead of the difficulty of an opponent being increased for each victory against them, a set in difficulty of easy-medium-hard (called Average, Strong, and Mighty) has been applied to each challenger allowing you to pick a pre-set difficulty. These are determined by different colored smiley faces: Green, Yellow, and Red.
  • Faerie Abilities have been completely revamped. All old faerie abilities are no longer available. Visit our Faerie Abilities guide to learn more.
  • The use have different fighting stances such as Berserk, Fierce, Jump and Attack, etc. have been removed. Currently, attacking in battle will always be cautious for both players.
  • The innate weaknesses and resistances based on a pet's species does not apply in battle.
  • The Defenders of Neopia rewards and trophies are currently disabled.
  • Defeating a 1-P opponent in battle will no longer restore your fighting pets hit points to full.

The Neopets Team is keeping their own list of some the changes and their known issues with Beta. To read their list and keep up to date in case something changes, visit the Battledome - Beta News page.

For any addition/changes with the data above, you can Contact Us.

This article was written by demon_aj for The Daily Neopets' Battlepedia.
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