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The Battledome can be a scary place, especially for a new warrior. Powerful one-player challengers and strong two-player opponents are lurking around every corner. Luckily, there are several guilds available to support you throughout the course of your BD life. These guilds help with many things, from making new friends and finding battle partners to providing an introduction to one-player strategies, set building and WAR 101. Below is a brief description of the guilds (in alphabetical order) given to us by the Battledome Chat to help you decide which is the best fit for you.

Battlers Pride header

Battlers Pride

Leader: johnrichards33
Founded: 2003
I. johnrichards33
II. bunnybunnypet
III. leonisdabomb
IV. devilboy197
V. pisha1
Stat Requirements: 250 HSD guildless, at least 4 month account. If an individual has completed the original DoN series, he/she can bypass these reqs and join anyway!
Set Requirements: 15 mil BD set, for pets who haven't met the stat requirements, a 35 mil BD set is required.
Contact for invites: Pisha1
Other Info: Battlers' Pride is a guild first formed in the ancient (for neopets anyways) 2003. It quickly became one of the top battle guilds, and also one of the largest ones with almost 300 members. Alas the guild broke up to due to inner turmoil, but it was again reformed in 2005, quickly rising to its previous fame. However by 2007, BP's creator g_niels had retired from battling.
We also hold a number of internal events to keep our members occupied, whether it be racing up Scotty's stat ladder or competing hard for a trophy in Big John's 1 player Individual Pursuit! Members able to achieve a top standing in inter-guild or battledome chat events will also receive recognition, being immortalized in Martin's Hall of Honor! We encourage all members to participate!

Central Command header

Central Command

Leader: drdialtone
Stat Requirements: Adult guild (Must be 18+), a 12+ month account, HP+S+DEF = 250, 2000+ 1p battles and serious interest in battling.
Contact for invites: Post on recruitment board IF the guild is recruiting. This board can be found on Battledome Chat.
Other Info: We compete in both 1 and 2 player battling and are the 2011 Summer Scrimmage Champions. We intend to defend that title too.

Dangers Waters header

Dangerous Waters

Leader: thebattledomer
Founded: March 20, 2010
II. razankid
III. thedarigandude
IV. soopaa_beast
V. nucleme
Requirements: No requirements other then being loyal, active, and friendly!
Contact for invites: razankid, thedarigandude, the battledomer
Info:Dangerous Waters is a battledome guild, consisting of both 1p and 2p battlers, led by Jio, thebattledomer. Much like every other BD guild around, we have our own goals - To become one of the best guilds around, known throughout the Battledome Chat and even Neopia. With that being said though, Dangerous Waters is not just a place where you can battle, learn and improve. Dangerous Waters also serves as a platform to meet new people and make new friends. Not to worry, we'll do our best to make sure you enjoy your stay here, we're usually a friendly bunch. Once again, we welcome you to Dangerous Waters. As you continue on your tour around this webbie, should you have any inquiries, feel free to drop a mail to one of the following users to clarify your doubts or if you want an invitation into Dangerous Waters. Enjoy! :D -----

Intrepidous header


Leader: hark_1
Founded: April 27, 2011
I. hark_1
II. sara_1337
III. speed1202
IV. evillobster
V. abi_np
I. rahksi - Graphics/Event Organizer
II. Empty - 1Player Specialist
III. Empty - 2Player Mentor/Trainer
Stat Requirements: Max League Pet L4+ or 250 HSD, 6 month account+. Exceptions may be made by council.

Set Requirements: 30 mil set+
Contact for invites: Post on our recruiting board, or neomail hark_1, napune, rahksi, or abi_np.

Activities Offered:

  • Uncapped 2P Wars
  • 500k wars
  • Inter-Guild Wars
  • KoTL
  • Top Ten Pets
  • Best Dressed
  • 1P Monthly Event
  • We also attend BD Chat Tournaments, such as the yearly Summer Scrimmage and Ariiam Invitational

Other Info: Intrepid (Latin intrepidus) - brave, courageous, bold. Intrepidus was once known as Intrepidity; the guild leader of Intrepidity was compromised, and the guild was dealt what should have been a leveling blow. A twist of fate that would have knocked any other vessel out of the sea took Intreppers approximately 12 hours to overcome. The silent, swift, and deadly new guild, Intrepidus was forged by experience, honed by diligence, and christened by the fury of battle (we were warring again within the week). Intrepidus is as much a teaching guild as a butt whooping one. Join if you want to be relevant; mind your step otherwise."Fortune favors Intrepidus."

Knights of Valor header

Knights Of Valor

Leader: balsafor
Founded: June 4, 2009
I. balsafor
II. ixilove1
III. brightsolitude
IV. mcdooby
V. flowergirl030395
Stat Requirements: Active And Loyal, Respectful, Guildless. Max League 4 pet or higher. 15mil set. May be waived by council for determined battlers. Contact for invites: Council or post on Recruitment Board
Guild Activities: BD Guild Wars, KoV Legion Wars, King/Queen of the League. Avatar Challenge. BD chat events.
Requirements: Active And Loyal, Respectful, Guildless. Max League 4 pet or higher. 15mil set. May be waived by council for determined battlers.
Other Info: Leagues: 4 - 24. Welcome to Knights of Valor. The Round-Table guild of Neopia. No single member is more important than another. Knights of Valor is a community that provides an environment to members who seek to achieve their goals. We are mostly a 2-player battledome guild. KoV also has many other activities outside of the battledome.



Leader: frankie8492
Founded: February 10, 2007
I. frankie8492
II. gatekeeper42
III. tufenuf4u
IV. kennethc10
V. destroyalotreformed
Stat Requirements: See below
Set Requirements: 20m+ set + approval from majority of council We are very selective when it comes to admitting members. If we haven't seen you around before or you look suspicious/illegit, you won't get an invite no matter how rich you are.
Contact for invites: The Council, or any members.
Other Info: A guild big on 2p. We can hold our own in wars. If you are interested in joining, first you should ask yourself what you hope to get out of joining us. We are a pretty close knit group of friends and we have a plethora of knowledge on everything neopets related, so while we may not have many events going on, our knowledge is a very good resource you can count on.

The Divine Arcadia header

The Divine Arcadia

Leader: glaloz
Founded: October 4th 2011
I. glaloz
II. mep354
III. nalare
IV. alisha_119
V. N/A
Stat Requirements: See below
Set Requirements: There are no requirements for joining TDA. Some Wars and Events however will have certain requirements in order to participate.
Contact for invites: The Guild is public. Search for their recruitment board on BD chat.
Other Info: TDA is a guild with no requirements to join. Always loooking for active battlers or people that are willing to work hard on pet and set. We try to encourage people in both 1p or 2p battles. For that we prepare various activities both in-guild or out side the guild. We have had many wars some defeated and some with victory in various set caps (500k, 1m, 3m and no set cap). Its always an honer seeing members grow with us.

War of Attrition header

War Of Attrition

Leader: stalker14300
Founded: March 3, 2012
I. stalker14300
II. bcota91
III. fushioh__master
IV. houndmaster12
V. visreturns
Stat Requirements: No requirements at this time.
Set Requirements: None.
Contact for invites: stalker14300, bcota91, fushioh__master, houndmaster12 or visreturns.
Other Info: This guild was created to bring back the fun of battling to the Guilds. We will War with ANYONE! No games and no excuses.

Wartime Preparation League header

Wartime Preparation League

Founder: neoskulltula
Leader: liopus777
Founded: October 26, 2010
I. liopus777
II. defrauder
III. immortal_demon2000
IV. v1rtue
V. flufflepuff
Stat Requirements: N/A
Set Requirements: N/A
Contact for invites: liopus777, defrauder, immortal_demon2000, v1rtue, flufflepuff, zoogrrl27, ireferno, or rebbit66
Other Info: This guild was created because of what can happen when a player is incredibly inexperienced and encounters a plot on neopets. The creator saw on the message boards how devastated some players were because of this very problem during The Faeries' Ruin. So, the aim of the guild is to help players get the best plot trophy possible both by education and by training for the event.

*Special thanks to Livvy, and the guild members who helped me with the data.
*For any addition/changes with the data above, you can Contact Us or neomail AJ.

This article was written by demon_aj for The Daily Neopets' Battlepedia.
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