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The Battledome is a place where pets fight challengers or other pets. To increase the effectiveness of your battledome weapons, you must train your stats in order to get a higher boost. This simple guide is made to help you train your pet as fast as possible.


There are many ways to increase you pet's stats, but your main objective is to train as frequently as possible at training schools. There are three training schools available in Neopia:

Captain Threelegs

Swashbuckling Academy: Located at Krawk Island and trains pet from level 1 to 40. It takes dubloons for payment, making this the cheapest way to train your pet, since the price of a single dubloon is 2500 - 9000NP at the shop wizard. The only downside with this school is the time it takes for your pet to finish its training: from 4 hours (for level 1 to 10) up to 10 hours (for level 31 - 40).

Training Nimmo

The Mystery Island Training School: Obviously located at Mystery Island and trains pets from level 1 to 250. You need codestones to pay for this training. Much faster than the Swashbuckling Academy (if you consider the same level) but the prices for the training are unstable since the codestones range from 3500 to 10000 NP, with the payment increasing by one codestone every course type.

Ninja Lenny

Secret Ninja Training School: Hidden in Mystery Island, this school only trains pets that are over level 250. It uses the red codestones, which are obtained from the Techo Mountain or sometimes also available in the Shop Wizard and Trading Post. There is no limit to how high you can train your pet, and there is also a shop here which sells wonderful items such as Thick Smoke Bomb and Lucky Robots Foot. If you begin a course but you can't obtain the required codestone, you can cancel that course but you must wait for 24 hours before entering to a course again.


Now let's move to the main part, the secrets on training your pet as fast a possible. Follow these easy steps:

Golden Compass
TIME IS GOLD: The key to fast training is to place your pet back on a course as soon as it finishes one. ALWAYS take note on what time your pet would finish its training so you can place it back again. You could even make a schedule of training depending on how long your pet is in training. To maximize your training time, place your pet in training just before you get to bed or go to school (especially if it needs 10 hours or more to finish).
WHERE TO TRAIN: The best place to train if you just started Neopets is in Swashbuckling Academy. I know it takes a lot of time but you need to save lots and lots of money to buy codestones (TDN has a good money making guide). Just be patient until you get to level 40 then switch to The Mystery Island Training School. If you have been playing Neopets for quite a while and have enough money to pay codestones then go ahead and start at Mystery Island.
Silver Knight Negg
NO NEED FOR SPEED: Most new battlers ask this question: Should you train agility? The best answer is NO, because agility doesn't take any part in Battledome fights since BD fights are turn-based. But there are some (and I mean very very few) Battledome equipments that works best if you have the recommended agility standard (example: Heavy Robe of Thievery which requires 200+ agility and 100 intelligence to steal a weapon). If you are the kind of person that would like to make your pet PERFECT, then go ahead and train but still I recommend not training agility anymore.
THE SECRET OF MYSTERY ISLAND: When you get to The Mystery Island Training School, you would notice that you can train your Hit Points 3 times your Level. There is a careful calculation to exploit this advantage. Below is a table of the suggested stats for each course type.
Rainbow Swirly Thing

Course Type Level Strength Defense Hit Points
Grasshopper 20 40 40 60
Basic 40 80 80 120
Intermediate 78 156 156 190
Adept 98 196 196 230
Advance 118 236 236 290
Expert 148 296 296 390
Master 198 396 396 490
Grand Master 248 496 496 590

First, all you have to do is train all your stats together up to 40 then train your Hit Points to 60 (this will complete the first row training). From here on, to continue to the next row, train your Level to half your Hit Points then train both your Strength and Defense until they are equal to you Hit Points then train them all equally up to the next suggested number.

UPDATE: I retested this table and found out that you can train your endurance 3 points more than the 3x level mark (i.e., even if your HP is already at 62 with only 20 level, you can still choose to train endurance). That means you can train your HP up to 63 for Grasshopper and 123 for Basic level.

NOTE: I've adjusted the Level to give room for Faerie and Kitchen Quests that might come your way. Using this guide, training your Hit Points will be much faster and cheaper than training it together with Strength and Defense.

Special Note
With the relatively low price of red codestones and the shorter length of training sessions at the Secret Ninja Training School, some people are opting to train their pet up to level 250 as quickly as possible in order to take advantage of the low prices. This is a personal choice based on the investment to get to level 250, the current price of red codestones, and the prediction of a future low price of red codestones. You may decide that this is the right choice for you.
LOVE THE FAERIES: If a faerie gives you a quest, make sure you do it. You will save a lot more money especially if you're already on Mystery Island. Fire increases strength by 2; Water increases defense by 2; Air increases agility by 2; Dark increases endurance by 2; Light increases level by 1; Space increases level by 4 and the Queen Faerie increases level by 1, strength by 3 and endurance by 3!
SAVE UP: There are several things you need to save. First is to save TONS of money. You need this not only to pay for your training but also to buy other things like Battledome Equipment. Second, while you are still on Swashbuckling Academy, save up the codestones that you get from daily freebies like Tombola, Deserted Tomb, Key Quest and other random events. Third, save for the leveling scratchcards. To maximize your savings, you must only use these cards once you get to Mystery Island Training School and remember not to exceed the level for a training course until you have already increased your stats to the limit.
Broken Bag of Neopoints
TRAIN EVEN FASTER WITH NEOCASH: If you want to spend NeoCash, the NC Mall offers some Fortune Cookies that provide site perks. In particular, there is a Training Fortune Cookie that reduces the length of a course from anywhere between 30% to 75% for 5 consecutive days. There is also a Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie that guarantees you to have one faerie quest per day for 7 days. For more information on Fortune Cookies, check out our guide on TDN Customization.


These are the other ways to increase your pet's stats. I highly recommend to do at least one or two of these to make your trainings quicker:

Coltzan's Shrine - May increase your stats. Also gives desert food, neopoints, two dubloon coins and minor BD equipments. But if you are really lucky you can win either a Desert Paint Brush, a Two Hundred Dubloon coin, a rare/powerful BD equipment, or ONE MILLION NEOPOINTS! For a more detailed research about this read Sleeky151515's petpage.

Turmaculus - This gigantic petpet is only awake for only 1 hour every day. If you are brave enough and lucky enough, Turmy will increase your strength by one. For more estimated waking times, visit Brownhownd's petpage.

Scratch Cards - Cards like Terror Trove from Ice Cave Scratchcard Kiosk and Festering Fortune from Deserted Fairground Scratchcard may increase your pet's level by one.

Count Von Roo's Deadly Dice - Available only during 12am - 1am NST. This may increase or decrease your pet's level. You roll the dice and if you got higher than Von Roo you will get a +1 in your level. Get a lower number and you will get -1 in your level. In case of a tie, you can roll again but the stakes are doubled.

Kitchen Quest - There is roughly 33% chance of getting a stat increase by completing one of these quests. Stat increases are randomly given to one of your pets. This is a good way to train when there is an ongoing plot since dubloons and codestones prices tend to inflate. You can do a maximum of 10 quests per day. Just remember that there is no penalty for not completing a quest so choose your quests wisely. I suggest only do a quest that is worth 5000 NP and below.

The Secret Laboratory - Provides random increases/decreases in your pet's stats. It can even change your pet's species, color or gender. NOTE: According to the 375th Editorial, the Lab ray doesn't reduce Hit Points.

Wheel of Extravagance may increase a random stat of your pet by 5 or 10 points. The Wheel costs 100K to spin, so it recommended more for high-statted pets.

Neggs and other items - Some neggs and items have the power to increase your pet's stats. But beware, they are REALLY expensive. Here is a list and our Negg Training Guide.


Training your pet is very hard work. But with patience and perseverance, even a young pet can be as strong as any other. So, are you ready for the battledome? :D

This article was written by Crimsonite for The Daily Neopets' Battlepedia.
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