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Game Master Challenge leaves us with Weapons!

Game Master Challenge may be over, but the battle is just getting started!



Hissi Dagger, Parachute Dynamite and Desert Axe Weapon. Cool looking weapons, but  are they as sharp as their graphics? Only the Dome will tell for sure.


As always, if you have any additional information for our Battlepedia entries, please let us know!

» post on Wednesday, November 30th 2016 @ 12:48 pm EST by Aquamentis12
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Two New Vicious Weapons Activated
Two new weapons have arrived from TNT: The Moar Blade and Chain Spear.


All I can say is: ouch!

If you have any information about either of these weapons, please contact us. We don't know their restock shop currently, so if you do, please let us know!

» post on Tuesday, November 8th 2016 @ 12:42 pm EST by Lamppost
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New Weapons Thunder into the Battledome
Two new weapons have been announced for the Battledome: Curling Blade and Thunderbolt.

wea_curling_blade.gif wea_thunderbolt.gif

I wouldn't want to run into either of these weapons...

If you have any information about these weapons, please Contact Us!

» post on Saturday, October 8th 2016 @ 11:34 am EST by Lamppost
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New Maractite Weapons
Two new weapons have arrived at Maractite Marvels: Deadly Snail Brooch and Grudge Keeper.


If only snails could hold grudges...

If you have any information about either of these weapons, please contact us.

» post on Sunday, September 4th 2016 @ 12:56 pm EST by Lamppost
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Free birthday cupcake in NC Mall
Claim this free cupcake from the NC Mall and feed it to your pet to gain 5 HP!


'Your pet' says 'How did you know I wanted a 9th Birthday Confetti Cupcake?''

'Your pet' was full up, and now he is bloated!

In a burst of confetti, 'Your Pet' polished off that cupcake, and gained 5 Hit Points!

But wait, 'Your pet' almost bit down on something rather un cupcake-like...

Handheld Confetti Popsicle


If this raises any stats other than HP, please let us know.

» post on Thursday, July 7th 2016 @ 9:44 am EST by Aquamentis12
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Altador Cup Weapons!
The 2016 Altador Cup Prize Shop and Staff Tournament bring some new weapons onto the Battledome scene: Yooyu Knuckle Dusters and Claw Gloves!

gif_acy18_knu_duster.gif gif_acy18_glovclaw.gif

I really did never realize how pointy Yooyus are...

Please Contact Us if you have more information about either of these weapons.

» post on Saturday, July 2nd 2016 @ 9:43 pm EST by Lamppost
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Final Daily Dare Weapon

Daily Dare introduces another yet another new weapon, Dangerous Maraquan Yo-yo.


Watch out for those spikes!

As usual, please contact us if you have any new details about this weapon.

» post on Thursday, May 5th 2016 @ 10:43 am EST by Lamppost
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